Why Did the Grammy Crowd Worship Michelle Obama?

Check out my latest video, and draw your own conclusions.

Spacey Grammy host Alicia Keys got the ball rolling, then joined Michelle Obama and three other feminist divas to show some “girl power.”

Michelle towered over the others (host Alicia, Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith—especially Jada—she’s short), and Jennifer Lopez.

You’ll see the crowd going nuts (women and effeminate men worship Michelle Obama).

You’ll also see a clip of the angry, demonic music Michelle says fueled her: Beyonce’s: “Run the World (Girls)” That’s some dark fuel! Not something to be proud of.

So why do they worship Michelle? Because she’s beautiful? Classy?….. What do you think?

I know why those behind the Grammy Awards promote Michelle Obama and her “girls.” The show’s rating were down this year from last in the key 18-49 year-old demographic. But those behind the show don’t care. The message is even more important than the money to them.

Take a look at the video and tell me if you agree with me (or not).

In other Grammy news…

Joy Villa wore a “Wall” dress…. And Ricky Rebel wore a jacket that said “Trump” on the back (pro-Trump is growing).

Latest Rasmussen Poll: Post SOTU, Trump is at 52%— his best in 23 months. Better than Michelle’s husband at the same stage (50%), despite completely different media coverage.

Who runs the World? Trump.

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Written by Patrick
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