Who Stands to Gain from the Mail Bomb Nut?

In any situation, notice who stands to gain….

And what the recent history is.

See my new video, Who Stands To Gain From the Mail Bomb Nut?

I’m not saying that Democrats, or the “deep state,” or anyone else is behind the mail bomb nut. Maybe no one is.

But I do know the Democrats have been desperate to change the narrative leading up the mid-term elections Tuesday, November 6th.

They’re desperate because they appear to have squandered a potential “blue wave” by showing the world their ugliness in attacking Justice Kavanaugh, and by their leaders (like Hillary Clinton, Maxine (“Low IQ”) Waters, and Eric Holder) encouraging violent behavior.

Do not let this current situation make you believe that the mail bomb nut is in any way, shape or form representative of the average Trump voter.

And please do not let unhinged Democrats anywhere near the reins of power again. Vote Republican and tell every clear-thinking person you know to do the same!

Our future depends on it.

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