Welcome to P.R. Rooney (What This Site is All About)

This blog has been a long time in coming—a lifetime, really. It will be about health and fitness. But in a very broad sense. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer. I’ve had a lifelong interest in training. And nutrition. I love to lift barbells. Always have. And do calisthenics sometimes, like the ancient Greeks. I’m the Founder of GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC And GREEK YOGA™ I guess that should be enough. But it isn’t. Because I’m passionate about ALL aspects of health and fitness… And that goes beyond working out and eating well. It encompasses our lifestyles… how we live. Starting with our habits, such as mixing activity with adequate rest and recuperation. It encompasses family fitness. And mental fitness. And spiritual fitness. And community fitness. And national fitness (yes I care about world fitness too, but I care for America–my country–first). I consider the way we treat each other an aspect of national fitness. And there’s some serious poison in the air at the moment. It’s infecting America and the world. I want to do something about that. So this blog gives me the opportunity to stretch beyond my usual stomping grounds of “just” health and fitness, into the larger world of what I would call “true” health and fitness. I plan to blog a lot. And many pieces will be short—just brief streams of consciousness. Just enough to make my point, and hopefully provoke some thought. Some will undoubtedly be longer as needed. I would love to have your feedback every step of the way. Because I believe we need to talk to each other, whether we agree or disagree. Because once upon a time in America we could do that, and I yearn to see that return. Because if we don’t do that we’re headed for another Civil War. And war is never pretty, no matter how someone may romanticize it. My beliefs are simple: I believe in God I believe in the traditional family: father, mother, kids, dog, etc. I believe in the great freedom experiment that is America And I believe in every aspect of true health and fitness—natural, simple, effective, and fun. Maybe you don’t see things the way I do. That’s okay. As long as you’re willing to have a civil dialogue. Maybe I’ll change your mind on some things. Maybe you’ll change the way I see things. I’m willing to find out. Are you? I hope you’ll join me on what promises to be one exciting adventure! Feel free to follow this blog. I plan to communicate through this blog, and through videos very soon. I will sometimes link to items, products, and services from GREEK PHYSIQUE™, LLC or other sites of value. I’m eager to get started. I hope you are too.   Patrick Rooney is the Founder of PRRooney.com, a site dedicated to Patrick’s views on Fitness, Culture, and Life. He is also the Founder of Greek Physique™, LLC,  and the Creator of  Greek Yoga™.  To reach Patrick, email him at info@prrooney.com  
Written by Patrick
My name is Patrick Rooney. I’m a blogger and a Certified Personal Trainer. I’m also a human being with a point of view. I’m interested in every form of health: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual health, mental health, family health, community health, and national health. Yes, I care about the world too, but my country comes first. I’m beyond concerned with the health of America, and of its citizens. Particularly in the way we’ve dehumanized each other because of our disagreements. Dehumanizing your neighbor never ends up well, history tells us as much. I’m 100% committed to restoring America’s health, and that of its citizens. I hope you join me.