Welcome to Hell

I’d appreciate your feedback today.

I closed this site down over the weekend.Why? Well, the public message said the site was undergoing maintenance. And so it was. In a way. More accurately, was doing some maintenance–evaluating my way forward. Working my way through doubt.

I have told you that this site has been a dream of mine. It seems kind of silly in a way. I mean, a blog is a dream?But it is.

Because it represents a true, unfiltered communication between me and you. And I think that communication has immense potential value.

I said that I didn’t have a plan to monetize this blog. And I still don’t–at least not completely.

Frankly, I’ve been second-guessing the site. Can I really say the things I want to about the state of my nation, and my culture, in addition to sharing information on my particular take on health and fitness? Will enough people appreciate it to make it viable?

Is this course of action wise? Will I lose fitness clients?

My take at this point is that my fitness business could certainly be hurt, but the business I’m creating is more important in the long run.

I heard from two friends today. One encouraged this venture, and said how much he appreciates reading this blog; the other friend is concerned about my fitness business. Both are good friends, good men.

Which one is right?

One friend believes I am going through what author Steven Pressfield called “resistance” in his great (and thankfully short) book, Do the Work. Nice book–I recommend it for any creative person, or anyone going through a worthwhile project, diet, etc.

One of the chapters is titled, “Welcome to Hell.”

Essentially, Pressfield says that there is an enemy, and it comes from inside us, it is not us, and it takes the form of “resistance.” Resistance to doing the work you know you should do. I happen to believe this venture is the most important work I should be doing.

My other friend tells me to be practical, and make money, etc., and spoke about another path he thought I should take that would be beneficial to me and others.

He was certainly correct about the bill part–I must pay my bills. We all must pay our bills. And he may even be right about the rest of it. I’ll find all this out by letting the situation play itself out.

I believe I can pay my bills and follow my dream too. I thought long and hard about moving in this direction at the beginning, and understood the cost. But I also understood the cost of NOT following this path–an opportunity that if not taken now will likely always remain unrealized. Isn’t that the case with most of us?

Why is this venture important to me? Because it fits my unique talents and interests. And it allows me to communicate with my fellow human beings in a real way. I know if we can’t be real with each other, then we really can’t help each other.

I want to make a difference. And I believe expressing my knowledge and understanding of a healthy culture and healthy state of mind–to go along with a healthy body… is important–incredibly important in this time of moral relativism, confusion, and despair.

And so I press forward.

I would appreciate it if you’d let me know if this blog is of value to you.

Because after all–I can’t write this to myself.

I need to know if YOU find value in it, and if so, what do you find valuable about it?

Just respond below the article, or if it needs to be private, send me a note here.

I welcome your comments. 

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of PRRooney.com, a site dedicated to Patrick’s views on Fitness, Culture, and Life. He is also the Founder of Greek Physique™, LLC,  and the Creator of  Greek Yoga™.  To reach Patrick, email him at info@prrooney.com

Written by Patrick
My name is Patrick Rooney. I’m a blogger and a Certified Personal Trainer. I’m also a human being with a point of view. I’m interested in every form of health: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual health, mental health, family health, community health, and national health. Yes, I care about the world too, but my country comes first. I’m beyond concerned with the health of America, and of its citizens. Particularly in the way we’ve dehumanized each other because of our disagreements. Dehumanizing your neighbor never ends up well, history tells us as much. I’m 100% committed to restoring America’s health, and that of its citizens. I hope you join me.