My Friend Wayne Nails My Blog’s Problem

As much as I’ve enjoyed publishing this blog, my last post, Welcome to Hell, described how I have been “second guessing” it’s impact of late:

“Frankly, I’ve been second-guessing the site. Can I really say the things I want to about the state of my nation, and my culture, in addition to sharing information on my particular take on health and fitness? Will enough people appreciate it to make it viable?… Is this course of action wise? Will I lose fitness clients?…”

I received some supportive feedback from you, my friends, and I appreciate that.

My good friend, Wayne, sent me a particularly great response that helped me clarify my angst, and actually provided a viable way forward. With his permission, I’m reprinting it here [with my comments in brackets]:

“Looks like you’re still wrestling with the concept and putting it out there for the world to see. Gutsy! [me: “stupid”?] Obviously you want to help people and make money… make money by helping people [yeah, so far, so good, Wayne!]. What is your message, your niche, your theme, your hook?

You write well PR and I’ve read all of them but at this point, I couldn’t answer that if you were to ask.  [Wow—profound! Though my blog’s tagline is: Fitness. Culture. Life… , frankly, I’ve overloaded the culture pieces big-time! Guess I’ve had a lot to get off my chest.]

Do you need a niche, theme, or hook? [Uh… yeah, it’s starting to look that way!] I don’t know… [he’s being nice]. I’m just thinking if you have a niche or hook, that can be a springboard for you to discuss many topics.

I’m just thinking of Jocko [Willink, of the Jocko podcast, which focuses on Leadership and Discipline. Wayne loves it, so it must be good. Jocko is a decorated, retired Navy Seal.][Wayne also highly recommends Jocko’s book, Extreme Ownership, which discusses how to apply leadership principles from the battlefield to business and life.] [By the way, I did not intend to give Jocko so much free publicity in this post, but I appreciate his message, and you should know about it. To get a flavor of what this guy’s about, I urge you to check out his TED talk. It’s powerful. Okay, back to my friend Wayne’s breakdown of what’s wrong with my blog and how to fix it…]

…his niche is military, however he is able to discuss a lot of topics from this vantage point. Maybe you could be the Strength Training Philosopher… STP! You’ve embraced the Greek Physique, you could be like a Greek Warrior Philosopher [Wayne provided the link–looks like good stuff, though I’d recommend the guy use more paragraphs!] [Brilliant, Wayne, just brilliant, and I’m all over it! And no, I lay no claim to being an actual Greek Warrior Philosopher—after all, I’m of Italian-Irish descent, I’m not an actual warrior nor am I a philosopher, but I do believe in the body-mind-spirit connection, I know what it takes to attain and keep the Greek Physique, and I’m more than happy to raise the banner for the Spartan way of life–at least most of it! I’ve lived much of this lifestyle for years, and I must say I’m in pretty dang good shape for a guy much closer to 60 than 50.]

Here’s the first lines from this website…”The legacy of the Spartans is rooted not only in their martial ability but in their ability to unite body and mind. Their strength of heart, body/mind and spirit eclipsed all other Greeks.  It is this heartfelt spirit and the power of their body/mind that deems them—Warrior Philosophers.”Peace!

WayneWayne’s letter sparked my mind with ideas, and I got on the phone with him and hyperventilated like a dog. Bottom line, he nailed it. I had meant to get back to my base of Greek Physique, LLC (my business) and Greek Yoga (my creation–inspired by years of experience–and God).

But the PR Rooney blog has allowed me to venture into the territory of culture, and how to restore it, particularly in America as I am an American, and quite concerned with my country’s future.

Wayne’s letter and subsequent conversation with me made me realize that there is indeed a way to make what I saw as divergent subject matter actually mesh together quite well. After all, the Spartans were doing this same thing centuries ago and were widely admired for not just their incredible physical prowess, but for their bravery, intellect, and even culture. I’ll be exploring this idea more as we move forward. What you know so far about Sparta is only a fraction of its story.

The Greek Physique is my base, but my desire for unity of body, mind, and spirit allows me to embrace aspects of ancient Greek (particularly Spartan) culture, and demonstrate its immense value to us right here, right now.

Thank you so much, Wayne, for helping me to see how it all ties in together, and thank you, Spartans, for demonstrating an immortal legacy by way of your “larger-than-life” example. I don’t know the exact form of my blog going forward, but you can be sure that it will be imbued with this spirit.

I welcome your comments. 

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