Type “Trump” To See What He’s Up Against

I saw an article over the weekend that listed the various legal ways President Trump, family, businesses, and associates are being  attacked. 

It’s mind boggling.

If they didn’t find something on him, that should be the story, because with the mountains of laws in our modern society, you can find something on anyone—particularly, I’m sure, on the those who are going after Trump the hardest.

So I searched for the article this morning, to include its link in this post. I couldn’t remember the title, or even any keywords in it, so I just typed the word “Trump.”

I thought I had an idea of what he is up against—I was wrong.

See my video Type “Trump” to See What He is Up Against

The vast majority of search results I found were attack pieces. Contrast that with his current approval rating which isn’t far under 50%. The two don’t match.

In other words, there’s a much higher percentage of “the People” with Trump than “the media.” And by “media,” I’m including any media that can be searched online, not just the “mainstream media.”

With more and more people spending a whole lot of time online, consumers of online content can get an incredibly warped “understanding” of the mood in the U.S. relative to our President.

The world is an increasingly corrupt place, filled with corrupt, selfish, and shallow people. People who have found a base of power and money in a corrupt system. They DO NOT WANT THAT SYSTEM CHANGED.

Donald Trump knows that system all too well. He lived it and benefited from it for decades. But at some point he began to see it for what it is. He ran for President to expose it, and to give America back to its people.

I have often said that God is the one who made Trump President, and He’s the one keeping him there. I still believe that.

When I see virtually the entire world arrayed against Trump, and unable to remove him, I know that God is with him.

I wish there were something I could do to help him, but this may be the point—this very well may be a situation in which God himself wants to show His power, and therefore is holding Trump in place by Himself.

I’m coming to believe that this is the real story of the Trump Presidency… His – Story.

What can WE do to support Trump? Just stand with him, and expose the lies as we see to do on a daily basis. 

Pray for our President, his family, and those who are helping him restore America. Even if you’re from another country. Because a free and strong America will help you and your country become strong.

God bless Trump. And God bless America.

I welcome your comments.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of PRRooney.com (Freedom. Rediscovered…). He is also the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body, Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down.  To reach Patrick, email him at info@prrooney.com

Written by Patrick
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