Today’s Whites and Blacks Take Credit For What Their Ancestors Did

There’s an interesting story out there—a white male Columbia University student joyfully exclaimed his love for white people on a viral video shown on Twitter.

“Europeans built the modern world,” he said.. “We invented science and industry and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘Oh my God, we’re so bad.’ We invented the modern world.”

The student, later identified as Julian von Abele, a sophomore at the school, appeared a bit “toasted,” to use a word known to college students everywhere. If he was, maybe it helped him get up the courage to tell the un-tellable truth in front of a primarily black and hostile group of students outside a campus library.

When he got pushback, the white male student cried, “Look, I don’t hate other people, I just love white men!”

You know that any self-respecting liberal university cannot bear to see a white male stand up for white men, since they’ve spent decades attempting  (and mostly succeeding) to neuter them. So they quickly struck back…

From The Washington Post story: “The now-viral video has sparked widespread outrage, reigniting concerns about the treatment of minorities at prominent colleges and universities. In a statement on Sunday, Columbia University administrators “unequivocally denounced” the student’s rant, describing it as a “deeply disturbing racially charged incident” and announced that an investigation [bold italics mine!] is underway.”

Wow—an investigation—for a young college kid who’d probably just couldn’t stand silent anymore in the face of a nonstop assault on white men from every level of society, starting with the institutions of “higher” learning. What he said was true, and truth is a more than adequate defense in any tribunal—or at least it should be.

Even if it were not true, he certainly has the right to free speech—or should—especially in a university where free thought and speech is supposedly prized.

Von Abele has since issued a statement dialing back his comments some, saying the viral video “does not show my true beliefs” and that his rant was actually “part of a broader debate and series of events that provide important context.”

In his statement, Von Abele said the exchange began “when several students were accusing Trump supporters of encouraging sexual violence… I explained that I am a Trump supporter and I do not in any way encourage violence, sexual or otherwise. A large group of students gathered around me and told me that I had no right to share my views on women as I’m a white male with ‘white privilege.’”

Von Abele said he became irate as he was “offended” for what he perceived as “being held personally responsible for the historical actions” of all white people. Furthermore, he said, “I was tired of the divisive rhetoric that blames all the ills of society on white men.”

The young man also said, “Since this event, I have received credible threats to my safety, I have been harassed, and my personal information has been released.”

I have no doubt that is true. Anyone who stands for truth in today’s hyper-sensitive world will be attacked. It’s the nature of the (literal) beast.

White male hatred is indeed out of control in America and worldwide. I believe it is because white males are perceived as the biggest impediment to the Left / globalists implementing their beliefs on a mass scale. In a sense, as a group, they are the “last man standing.”

Von Abele’s rant and its predictable blowback did get me thinking a bit. I knew we’d be hearing from some offended blacks who love to tell us how they built America. The people who tell us “they” built America often do not build much of anything, least of all respectable lives.

In fact, “they” did not build America—their ancestors certainly did their share of building America. There’s a major difference! It’s the same as being a baseball fan, and when “your” team wins, you feel great. But you didn’t do anything!

I also pondered how far today’s white males have fallen in comparison to their forefathers who were indeed the primary builders of the modern world.

I commend the Columbia student, von Abele, for telling the truth about the great achievements of white men in the face of hostility; yet ultimately, if what motivates you is race pride—you will have problems.

We are individuals, responsible for our lives only. Group pride blinds us, and makes us unable to see the faults of the group. It leaves us forever attacking and defending, on behalf of our group.

I will forever applaud (and defend as necessary) the exceptional heritage of the United States—conceived through white men via our Declaration of Independence, and made great primarily through the efforts of white men; and perhaps there is some racial pride in that. But it really has nothing to do with my race—it’s because I recognize that white men are indeed the primary builders of the modern world—just as I recognize greatness or baseness in any man.

Today’s white men are, for the most part, not so great themselves, but primarily the beneficiaries of great men who paved the way for them. There are a number of reasons for this, and I hope to cover some of them in future posts.

The great character displayed in Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglas, and others, did indeed helped build black America and America itself, but it has been largely rejected—ironically mostly by black Americans!.

Too many black Americans today don’t really admire their ancestor’s character, they have been taught they were “Uncle Toms” (a character in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, who incidentally had great character!). They are just using the memory of their ancestors to assert racial identification and supremacy, ultimately as a means of striking out against white people, who they have been taught are their enemy.

They are actually their own worst enemies, in falling to race hatred.

Today’s white and black men would do well to stop living on past glories, and actually become great men themselves. Our society needs great men—of all races—more than ever.

I welcome your feedback.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of (Freedom. Rediscovered…). He is also the Founder of Greek Physique Fitness, the Creator of  Greek Yoga™, and the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body, Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down.  To reach Patrick, email him at

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