Taylor Swift Doesn’t Know Tennessee Values

Taylor Swift rarely says anything about politics. Now she has–and I’m shaking my head.

She posted a message on her Instagram feed Sunday endorsing ex-Tennessee Governor and Democrat, Phil Bredesen for Tennessee Senate.

She also bashed Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn in the post.

The key piece of her post is:”I have and always will cast my vote on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this country….”

Taylor goes on to describe LGBTQ rights, discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, systematic racism (eye roll), and more. And then goes on to say that Congresswoman Blackburn doesn’t care about gays or women (I know–you’re thinking, “Congresswoman Blackburn IS a woman!)

No mention of the most fundamental right of all–the right to life. And the man she endorsed, Phil Bredesen, is “pro-choice” (meaning pro-abortion).

Congresswoman Blackburn is a great representative–pro-life, pro-military and police, pro-Second Amendment, wants the Trump wall, is for low taxes and regulation–everything most Tennessee voters support. She’d make a great U.S. Senator–for ALL Tennesseans–not just special interest groups.

See my new video, “Taylor Swift Doesn’t Know Tennessee Values.”

If you’re not registered to vote in Tennessee, tomorrow, October 9th is the last day, as Taylor pointed out. She said to go to Vote.org for more information and to get registered. I’m saying the same to you, but please use your real Tennessee values, or real American values, at the polls.

I don’t recognize the Democrat Party anymore. It’s been hijacked by angry, cut-throat Leftists. We simply can’t afford to “give them the car keys.”

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