P.R. Rooney Real News Briefs: (The Art of the Deal is alive and well) Friday Night 1/11/19

President Trump is not ready to pull the trigger and declare an emergency in order to get the wall built. He’s keeping the pressure on Congressional Democrats to step up to the plate.

Will they?

Something’s got to give. I believe—starting with their disastrous “hostage video” performance Tuesday night—the country is slowly seeing their pettiness in not agreeing to wall funding now (a comparatively tiny fraction of the huge federal budget), when in the past they’ve authorized much more money for border security.

So President Trump is content to let them twist in the wind… slow bake… whatever you want to call it. I think things will get interesting by next week. The Democrats don’t want to give Trump a win before his State of the Union Address in three weeks (February 3rd), but can they afford to wait?…

Of course, supposed Constitutional scholar and thinly-disguised Trump hater Andrew Napolitano says Trump doesn’t have the authority to declare a national emergency over the wall.

Similarly, The Wall Street Journal, another Trump nemesis, says Trump does have the authority, but he shouldn’t use it, because it’s a “bad precedent.” Why don’t I trust these guys?

The Liberal Huffington Post, through writer Matt Fuller, says Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ Gambit Might Be the Easiest Way to End the Shutdown. In other words, this is a sign many Democrats are nervous about Chuck and Nancy’s silly stand against wall funding, and having Trump declare an emergency is an easy way to put the focus back on him.

That’s why Trump is playing this out right now, and not moving. For someone considered to be rash and impatient, the President has shown himself a cool customer content to wait when he needs to. And here comes my cliche again: It’s The Art of the Deal.

Meanwhile he’s having the Pentagon prepare to build the wall, keeping up the pressure.

…All this while a payday without pay hits federal workers as the shutdown “drags” on.

And yes, there’s other news 🙂 …

*A Northern California church is drawing a backlash for its sign making the obvious point that ‘Bruce Jenner is still a man...” Actually I’d quibble a bit with that—Bruce Jenner is still a male, but he’s checked in his ‘man’ card.

*Hunters are turning to hipsters to help boost the sport’s declining numbers.

*The Rock took to Instagram today to set the record straight, saying he did NOT give an interview to a tabloid, The Daily Star. In the interview, he was quoted as complaining of the rise of a ‘snowflake’ culture and criticizing millennials’ need to search for reasons to be offended.

The sad part is, he SHOULD have given such an interview, because it’s true! So many of today’s supposedly macho men end up being being water carriers for today’s feminized culture.

Ex-California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger similarly bowed to the PC culture (scroll down) when he photo bombed a shot of him with newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom and ‘First Partner’ Jennifer Siebel Newsom, calling her by this title instead of ‘First Lady.’ God, that sounds dumb. So there’s something shameful about being called a ‘lady’ today?

We’ve got some work to do, ladies and gentlemen—I mean partners and males—or whatever you’re calling yourselves these days 🙂

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