P.R. Rooney Real News Briefs (The Wall will cost the American People… $17 per person—Thursday Night 1/10/19)

Editor’s note: Tonight’s brief is heavy on “Wall” (can’t help it—we’re living in a defining historical moment) and Democrat “bashing.” (can’t help that either—today’s Democratic leadership—and much of its constituency) is insane. Yes, I have Democrat friends, and some are nice people, but they are being deceived by evil—yes, the “e” word—leaders. What else can I do but pray for you?!

The government shutdown continued again today, and why shouldn’t it? President Trump must stand for the American people, and he is! He was at the border today and led a round table discussion at Border Patrol McAllen Station, Texas.

Funny, but finding reports on the President’s visit was harder than usual. Could it be, the media doesn’t want to cover it? Naaaahhh…

Sinclair Broadcasting Group broke down the “huge” expense to American taxpayers… a whopping $17 per person! Dang! Time to take out a second mortgage! Yup, really a good reason to shut down the government, eh, Chuck and Nancy?

As the President stands up for the American People, Chuck and Nancy must stand for an increasingly leftist, hostile-to-America constituency. I mean, how can you be against the added security that the wall provides? You’d have to have been tricked to be against you and your family’s own safety.

Here’s a list of things Democrats have funded that cost more than the wall.

In predictable scare-tactic media fashion, NBC News posted a “doomsday scenario” listing what will happen if the shutdown “drags” on.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham is calling for President Trump to go ahead and use his emergency powers to fund the border wall, as Trump has threatened to do if he can’t broker a deal with the Democrats. As I’ve said, this IS an issue of national security, and the wall needs to be build one way or another. I’ve also said that Trump will likely go this route, or at least use it as a stick to forge the deal he wants with the Democrats. They’re going to learn the “art of the deal” soon. Keep watching.

Folks, if you haven’t done it yet, call your congressman or woman, and call your senator, and tell them to FUND THE WALL! How simple is that?

I emailed my congressman yesterday, and called his local office today. (Once you get their main info online, you can always easily search their website to find their local numbers. I suggest you do that. It’s much more personal)

I tried to contact my Senator, Marsha Blackburn. She’s still getting set up as a new senator, but I did see she put out a statement and video on Twitter, supporting the President’s call for wall funding. Good for her.

I also called the local office of my other Senator, Lamar Alexander. His representative directed me to his website, where I read a polished political response that offers a choice of three solutions: one that seeks to supposedly fix the DACA problem, and another that looks like amnesty for illegals. I know that politicians love amnesty—but most Americans don’t—they want a wall. We need simple, clear, strong leaders (statesmen), not sophisticated and “measured” politicians.

In some strange yet comical news, a staffer at the Seattle Fox affiliate was fired after altering video of President Trump’s speech to the nation Tuesday night to make him look more orange (“orange man bad!”), and believe it or not, making it appear the President was sticking his tongue out between sentences! I know—file this one under “you can’t make this stuff up!”

Believe it or not, there is other news out there besides the wall and Democrat madness 🙂 Here’s a taste of it. More to come tomorrow night…

*The White House is urging its allies to prepare for the departure of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Now that’s exciting, and has the Left sweating bullets. I know I’m supposed to say something politically correct and nice about Justice Ginsburg. And I really have nothing against her or anyone, but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t excited at the possibility of President Trump getting a THIRD Supreme Court pick!

*The Rat—Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen—will testify before the House Oversight Committee (chaired by Dems, of course) before he goes to prison! Now, what do you think the purpose of that is? “To get justice!” Yeah, right! To Democrats, “justice” and vengeance are the same thing.

*Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted Barack Obama in Cairo today, saying, “The age of self-inflicted American shame is over!” Mic drop! Love this guy!

*In some news that must make Democrats proud, the second black man found dead at prominent Democrat donor Ed Buck’s West Hollywood apartment was identified today. According to the Daily Mail, the man was a gay former porn star. Pressure is growing on prosecutors to pursue criminal charges against Buck, who made headlines for a similar incident in 2017. Yeah, Democrats sure love black people!

*And last but not least, Nicolas Maduro was sworn in to his second term as President of Venezuela, which many have heard has become a socialist s—hole. Venezuela was immediately isolated, as neighboring countries labeled him a dictator and cut back diplomatic ties.

This is the future the Democrat Party wants for America. Uhhhh… no thank you.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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