Orange County Turns Blue! (Video)

I hate to dampen your pre-Thanksgiving cheer, and I hope this video will actually help you to appreciate the incredible country God has given you, and inspire you to do everything in your power to keep it.

You may or may not be aware that Orange County, California, once a bastion of conservatism, has—AFTER election day—gone completely blue!

My video explains the serious implications of this flip, and what it very well may portend for our future.

I often say to “enjoy” my videos, and while perhaps you may not be able to enjoy this one in the normal way, its content is compelling. You’ll definitely want to see this one.

Let me know your feedback after watching. I’m ready to have an ongoing conversation with you.

The subject matter you’ll see isn’t going anywhere. It will be part of your future, and very likely part of your children’s and grandchildren’s as well.

I hope to talk with you soon,Patrick 

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Written by Patrick
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