Sure, John McCain Was a Mean S.O.B. … Chances Are, So Are You

Now that John McCain is in the ground, I can remove my self-imposed restriction (to give his family a mourning period), to open up a bit further about the way I really saw him. And it’s really not just about how I’d seen him. His volcanic temper was part of the public record. Pretty much everybody he worked with in the Senate and elsewhere knew he was a jerk. Therefore it’s common knowledge that the McCain funeral service was just a show. It was fake. Eulogists including Barack Obama, George W. Bush–even his daughter Meghan–knew they were painting a false picture of the man. And why? Well, let’s start with the fact that almost everybody lies at funerals. All of a sudden, the worst person on earth can seem like the brightest angel if you believe the typical eulogy. My friend Jesse Lee Peterson dealt with this near the beginning of his Church service yesterday. But more specifically, the John McCain funeral wasn’t so much about lying about John McCain, as it was about lying about John McCain for the purpose of attacking President Donald Trump.  That’s so obvious. Austin Frank, a political blogger, nailed this truth even before the sickening funeral, as the media outpouring of “love” for McCain began right after his death was announced. All of the speakers at McCain’s funeral–from Barack Obama, to George W. Bush, to even McCain’s daughter, Meghan–knew full well that the “American hero” portrait they were painting was bull—-.-. Obama and his supporters mocked McCain during their 2008 campaign. Bush and McCain had no love lost between them, ever since McCain’s camp accused the Bush campaign of dirty tricks in the South Carolina Republican primary during their 2000 battle for President. And John’s daughter Meghan must have known her father as well as anyone, but chose to tell a selective story about him. That is understandable, since, as I said above, almost everyone lies at funerals. But what is inexcusable are the nasty digs she took at President Trump. Some people believe John McCain’s hot temper comes from repressed rage from being tortured in Vietnam after his plane was shot down in the war. Although the experience likely added to his rage, it was not the beginning of it. McCain’s temper tantrums started early. A 9/7/08 article in McClatchy explains: “At age 2, McCain’s tantrums were so intense that he’d hold his breath for a few minutes and pass out. His parents would dunk him in cold water to “cure” him, he wrote in his memoir, ‘Faith of My Fathers.'” So clearly, something was going on–something unjust–in little John McCain’s home that caused him to react with fits of anger. This is the great untold story. Perhaps one day we may know more but I tend to doubt it. People tend to bury unpleasant truths. And what was the truth about McCain’s time in Vietnam? I read a piece by a fellow Vietnam POW. It was written during McCain’s 2008 Presidential campaign, and the man who wrote it was clearly on the more liberal side of things, but nevertheless, the account sounds pretty fair to me. After McCain’s death, the official Washington line has been, “John McCain was an American hero.” He was certainly a card-carrying member of “The Swamp” and the first rule of  The Swamp is to protect its own. McCain always had distain for the “regular people”–like those in Arizona who–for some reason unknown to me–kept re-electing him to the Senate, despite his nasty personality and long-standing support for “Amnesty” for illegal aliens, and other RINO (Republican In Name Only) stances. This distain for “regular folks” came out after then-candidate Donald Trump held a rally in McCain’s home state of Arizona. McCain said Trump “fired up the crazies,” which led to Trump’s remark saying McCain was not a war hero. So, understandably, many on the right side of the political spectrum couldn’t stand McCain. They could see how the establishment protected him, and still does so after his death. They can see the way that the media–even prominent “conservative” media–protect him by posting stories about him while purposely omitting the comment section. These media outlets know that the comments will deal harshly with McCain, and with their complete whitewash of the truth regarding this man. I am as aware as anyone that this bitter man has sold out his country–particularly in his long-standing bid to weaken America’s sovereignty by allowing millions of illegal aliens to overtake our country; and his bitter attempt to harm the President of the United States in his dying season has been a disgrace. But I’ve also noticed an uncharitable streak in those who oppose McCain. They refer to him as “Songbird”–due to allegations–which were later backed by an audiotape in John McCain’s voice–that he provided useful propaganda for the North Vietnamese communists who tortured him. Yes, by listening to this audiotape I would concur that McCain certainly gave more information than U.S. Military Code of Conduct Article V commands, and that the information was clearly damaging to America’s morale in the war. McCain has admitted (at a candidate forum I attended in 2008) that the Viet Cong “broke me.” But I will say it’s pretty easy to call a prisoner of war who was suffering torture over a two and a half year period a “songbird” from the comfort of a soft couch. I think of the small “tortures” we go through on a daily basis, and how poorly we often respond. Think of the last time someone offended you or said something you strongly disagreed with, or perhaps cut you off in traffic. Did you cry out like a “songbird,” at least on the inside? Likely, you are responding to the injustice in the world and your personal failures with irritability, anger, or maybe even pure rage, as John McCain did. I have been guilty of all of these things. So what makes us better than John McCain?
The hard truth is, as long as we hate, there is no real difference between us and John McCain.
Wow–let that settle in for a moment. America today is a sea of judgment–one side hates the other, yet most on either side are still wrong! We have read about those men (and sometimes women) who have risen above torture–who have learned the beautiful art of refusing to hate their tormenters. For me, the story of the martyrdom of the mother and her seven sons in 2 Maccabees 7 is a powerful example of the triumph of the human spirit. In the New Testament, while dying on the cross after undergoing unimaginable torture, Jesus cries out, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” I’ve written today’s post for two reasons: 1. To tell the truth about who John McCain was (and why the Swamp has cannonized him). And 2: To exhort us to rise above the meanness that McCain personified. I’ll leave you with a couple of really great resources to consider if–like me–you seek to find love inside yourself and not hate. The first is a silent prayer recorded by Jesse Lee Peterson, whom I referred to at the beginning of this article. If you are sincere, I urge you to listen to and practice this prayer morning and night. This prayer may be all you need. I’m going to include another silent prayer (or meditation) that I used to do for many years, and sometimes still do. Click on the “7 Minute Meditation.” There is a technique inside of it, that for me, tends to keep my mind from wandering too much. This is from a man named Roy Masters, whose background was in hypnotism, until he realized that the world is already hypnotized. He then began a mission to “de-hypnotize” the world. These are amazing resources, and can be just the thing to help you overcome anger and become the kind of person who is not just technically “right,” but much more importantly, spiritually right. I believe we all have the power to overcome. John McCain never found it, from all I’ve observed. You and I however, are still here, and thus still have the opportunity to find it.  That is a blessing. I welcome your comments.   Patrick Rooney is the Founder of, a site dedicated to Patrick’s views on Fitness, Culture, and Life. He is also the Founder of Greek Physique™, LLC,  and the Creator of  Greek Yoga™.  To reach Patrick, email him at
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