Your Liberal Friends Think You’re a Racist

Hello My Friend!

I hope you’re doing well.

Sorry I haven’t posted for probably a week and a half—I have been really busy.

I’ve had some interesting experiences on social media. I really like the “idea” of it, to exchange views with friends and “kinda” friends, of various viewpoints. I thought that’s what we DO as Americans! Well, I’ve had a rude awakening, I must admit.

I do (or did) like the traditional social media spots because I thought that’s where I’d find the best cross section of people to talk with. Uh…. that’s NOT the case!

I have tried some of the newer social media spots, and they have their strengths, to be sure, but since getting cold shouldered on Twitter and moving to Gab and Minds, I do miss engaging with liberal friends.

I guess the main issue I have with the newer social media spots is not that they’re lacking in variety, it’s simply that I don’t know the people there (at least not yet) like I know my “friends” on traditional social spots.

Turns out I don’t know my “friends” too much either. The world can be a lonely place!

Bottom line tonight is that in the last 24 hours plus, a friend of a “friend” suggested I’m a “sociopath,” then a “friend” actually agreed with the accuser, and followed up by suggesting I might be a “racist.”

My “crime”–I said that I had no problem with people being tear-gassed for trying to rush our border, and I also said they should consider themselves fortunate they weren’t fired on.

Try rushing the border of probably most countries in the world and see what happens to you.

See my thoughts on the situation in my latest video HERE.

Let me hear from you on this. Are you as silly as I am, and expect that your liberal friends will really engage with you without throwing insults at you? Naw—you’ve probably wised up, right? Right?

Till next time…


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