The Left is Setting Up a Civil War. Are Liberals Okay With This?

Like many Americans, I’m watching some of the Kavanaugh (Supreme Court) hearings with a sense of sadness. Because it’s apparent that there is no difference between the elected Senate Democrats and the crazies they allowed into the Senate chambers to disrupt the proceedings, and I know where this is leading. Certain Democrat “leaders” like Sen. Kamala Harris of California and Sen. Corey Booker of New Jersey are clearly acting out in an effort to show their “leadership” skills to their left-wing base. Both want to be President. This shows you what they think “leadership” in today’s Democrat Party means–obstruction of the sitting President by any means necessary. Why are they doing this? Because this is what Democrat voters are signaling approval for. In their primaries, Democrats are increasingly electing far-Left, low-experience candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and this week, Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts, who wasted no time in attacking President Trump. The trend is to promote non-white male candidates, or people like Beto O’Rourke, a Bobby Kennedy wannabe taking on Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas, who loves to virtue-signal to liberal blacks, such as in the response he gave at a campaign event supporting new-Nike ad subject Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the playing of our National Anthem. There appears to be no place in today’s Democrat Party for straight white men who won’t sell out their patriotism, masculinity or race. I believe that–unless America has gone further Left than I think–the choosing of far-Left candidates will ensure losses in the coming mid-term elections. And deservedly so. Democrat leadership has offered up no viable reason why Americans should vote Democrat at this point. Their only strategy has been to to hate President Trump, and to attempt to overturn the results of the November, 2016 election. That’s not a strategy–that’s insanity. Consider what the Left’s reaction would be should Democrats fail to take the House, or even lose ground in the elections? It would pretty much be the death nail for them stopping the President’s agenda. Then what? They wouldn’t be able to look to the courts to bail them out, as President Trump is filling them with more conservative judges. Republicans still hold a decided edge in Governorships in the states. And with a powerful economy, many accomplishments to his credit, and steady approval ratings, it does not appear likely that a Democrat can beat President Trump in 2020. Yes, the Left still has the media and Hollywood, though both are dying. But these entities have not been enough to give them the political power they crave.
So when all means to political power appear to be blocked, where does that leave you?
If your defining characteristic is blind anger, it leaves you with one solution–take power by any means necessary, or short of that, cause utter chaos. I know many of the polls are still predicting a “blue wave” on election day, Tuesday, November 6th. I don’t see that happening, once the American people clearly see the choice in front of them. So if the Democrats fail to gain ground or worse–lose ground, what will the Left do? I believe we will see “civil disobedience,” like we’d see after a court fails to sentence a police officer after the shooting of a troubled black man in a big city. And they will then do all in their power to bring America to a screetching halt. You will see more “runaway” states like California refuse to comply with immigration enforcement, and let convicted violent criminals out of jail. I believe they will attempt to open the floodgates–bringing all manner of evil upon us until the federal government will be forced to crack down on them with the National Guard and other measures of order. It may get extremely ugly.

My Recommendations

First, I urge every decent American to be in prayer. In past posts, I have recommended a silent prayer that I believe will help you find calm amongst the storm. If you are sincere in your desire to know the truth about yourself, and to give up your anger toward yourself and others, then I recommend you do this prayer first thing in the morning and last thing at night (before you get too tired!). Second, be willing to speak out (use discretion of course–don’t talk about politics at your job!) about the wicked games being played by the “leadership” of the Democrat Party, who are evil to the core. Third, be sure to have access to firearms, provided you are of sound mind, and know how to use them properly. These are for self-defense purposes only, needless to say. Quality training is available. Here’s a great place to start. Fourth, make every effort to improve your health and fitness levels. You need to be on your “A” game, and your physical health goes hand in hand with your spiritual, mental, and emotional health. I have written an e-book: GREEK PHYSIQUE™: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body–Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down. I sell it for just $2.99, and there are a lot of good tips in there that I’ve used to stay in great condition–even though I’m a lot closer to 60 than I am to 50! I’ve also created a video: GREEK YOGA™, which is a great all-in-one workout you can do anywhere, with no equipment needed, and get a complete head-to-toe workout, in just 30 minutes or less! Fifth, consider doing some training in a practical, efficient “street-ready” martial art like Krav Maga (from Israel), or a program like Gracie Combatives, if you’re looking for a “softer” art that incorporates more grappling. As much as I love grappling, keep in mind that grappling has its limitations against multiple opponents and weapons. That being said, a world champion Gracie Jiu Jitsu student, Steve Maxwell, has a video series that explores how to use this amazing self-defense system to disarm an assailant using a knife, gun, club, bat, or chain. It is an introductory series–not a tutorial–but Steve is a great teacher who puts out quality material. I myself have taken Krav Maga, and have been exposed to the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system as well, and think highly of both. Do your own research of course. These are not the only great martial arts around. By the way, as of the time of the publishing of this post, I am not receiving any financial compensation for any of the above link recommendations, other than for my own materials. The above recommendations are not meant to scare anyone. They are listed to confirm to you that we have entered into a dangerous time in America, and we need to prepare accordingly. Will the scenarios I’ve mentioned above happen? Certainly I hope that we do not see this level of chaos. But short of a miracle (which is always possible), I believe these scenarios may very well come to be. Why do I think that? Because I am a student of trends, and trends tend to play themselves out, unless particular events cause the course to change. I don’t want this post to be a downer. Indeed, I am always hopeful for the future of my country, and believe that we are in an amazing time, with so many blessings. But it is also a time of great danger, and I firmly believe we must act accordingly. By far the greatest danger is coming from the Left today, though I am certainly not excusing those on the right whose actions are also leading to chaos. We need voices to rise up and challenge this march toward a second civil war. No American in their right mind should want this to occur, if there are ways to avoid it. The first way is to find peace within yourself. The second way is to look for areas of common ground and reason. Most people, I believe, are acting out of blindness, not purposeful malice. I see far too much silence–especially from liberals, who I don’t necessarily equate with the Left. In fact, I think that the classic liberal has just about disappeared, in the sense that I see no moderating influence from them in today’s society. That’s a shame. This means that most liberals are either in agreement with the growing chaos, or are blind to the role they are playing in it. We must wake up, America–left, right, and middle–and expose this evil, or it will engulf us. I welcome your comments.   Patrick Rooney is the Founder of, a site dedicated to Patrick’s views on Fitness, Culture, and Life. He is also the Founder of Greek Physique™, LLC,  and the Creator of  Greek Yoga™.  To reach Patrick, email him at
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My name is Patrick Rooney. I’m a blogger and a Certified Personal Trainer. I’m also a human being with a point of view. I’m interested in every form of health: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual health, mental health, family health, community health, and national health. Yes, I care about the world too, but my country comes first. I’m beyond concerned with the health of America, and of its citizens. Particularly in the way we’ve dehumanized each other because of our disagreements. Dehumanizing your neighbor never ends up well, history tells us as much. I’m 100% committed to restoring America’s health, and that of its citizens. I hope you join me.