I’m Working on Something For You

I apologize for my long absence from posting. Much has gone on in the news, particularly a historic State of the Union address, which I live-Tweeted. You can read my Twitter feed to see my take on the event.

But I want to talk about you and your health for a moment.

You may be aware that I’ve created a simple, complete workout that can be done anywhere in 30 minutes or less called Greek Yoga™.

I produced a video that shows a Greek Yoga™ workout. It’s received some nice reviews, but some of you have told me it’s a bit advanced for you, and therefore you’ve found it a bit tough to follow, so I’m working on a new video that introduces the workout (workouts—there’s really three separate ones) to you in a way that I believe will allow you to “get it” much easier.

I’m in the editing phase right now, and have had some technical hiccups, so the project is taking me much longer than I anticipated. But it’s coming.

It will be available for purchase, fairly soon, God willing, and I plan on selling it for $25, same as the first video.

If you’ve bought my first Greek Yoga™ video, I will give you a special coupon code that will allow you to get the new, introductory video absolutely FREE!

It’s just my way of saying “thank you,” and also saying that I want you to really understand this amazing workout (it’s really much more than a workout, the principles I show in the video allowed me to recover from surgeries that bent my body like a question mark).

More important than mere understanding, I want you to start USING this workout!

So please be patient, I’m moving forward with the production / post-production work as quickly as I can. And I can’t wait to get this new video in your hands.

Thank you for your understanding. I’ll update you as needed.

To your Health and Fitness,


Patrick Rooney

Founder, P.R. Rooney

Creator of Greek Yoga™

Written by Patrick
My name is Patrick Rooney. I’m a blogger and a Certified Personal Trainer. I’m also a human being with a point of view. I’m interested in every form of health: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, spiritual health, mental health, family health, community health, and national health. Yes, I care about the world too, but my country comes first. I’m beyond concerned with the health of America, and of its citizens. Particularly in the way we’ve dehumanized each other because of our disagreements. Dehumanizing your neighbor never ends up well, history tells us as much. I’m 100% committed to restoring America’s health, and that of its citizens. I hope you join me.