I See 9:11

For many years now, when I’ve looked at my digital clock, I’ve seen one time more than any other–9:11.

Now there are a lot of possibilities on the clock. There are twelve hours, and there are sixty minutes. I’m no math guy, but isn’t that 1 in 720? The odds of seeing 9:11 more often than any other time are  pretty high, I’d say.

I can’t say it’s happening more right now for me than any other time period. In 2015 I noticed it more than any other time. I don’t know the significance of that, other than the fact that Barack Obama, a man who is at the least a Muslim sympathizer, was still President.

I’m not the only one to notice this. Others around me have seen 9:11 on the clock more than any other time.

I just did a quick YouTube search to see if others out there have experienced this too, and sure enough, I found some videos, including this one.

So what does this mean, right? That’s what it always comes down to.

I don’t have any special revelation about this. The obvious “elephant in the room” is the 9-11-01 attack that killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York City and Washington, D.C. The magnitude of this attack is still hard to believe when I think about it.

I mean–New York City–a massive population center that houses the zenith of American business and entertainment. The Twin Towers, symbol of American achievement. When I remember watching the TV and seeing a tower come down, and later the second, it didn’t look real. I couldn’t comprehend it. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve EVER fully processed what happened.

The scope of the horror and pure evil involved–and the heroism too–is just so vast. I recently spoke with a friend who recounted to me what it was like in New York City after the attacks, and how many “jaded New Yorkers” showed incredible humanity and heroism in the aftermath.

This was an act of war committed against the United States of America on our soil by radical Islamists. The killers’ actions were cheered by a greater percentage of Muslims worldwide than we’d like to admit. Over one in three Muslims polled said there was at least “some justification” for the 9-11 attacks.

I’m going to say right now that I’m no fan of the Muslim religion. I have nothing against Muslim people, but I don’t like their religion because I don’t see an element of forgiveness in it, too much sanctioned retribution, and unacceptably oppressive cultural laws.

I’m not aware of any Muslim dominated country that respects the freedoms of Christians and other non-Muslims.It is kind of weird to see the religion growing in popularity in the U.S. after 9-11, and to see a guy with a Muslim name (and ideology), Barack Hussein Obama, become President just seven years later.

Is the digital clock trying to remind us to “not forget”?

Perhaps it’s not just a warning against letting our guard down against Islam. I remember right after 9-11–how unified America was–left and right. What did that last, maybe two weeks?

So unity is something we need badly if we are to remain one nation.

Today we remember 9-11 by calling it a meaningless “Patriot Day.” That allows politicians to feel patriotic without having to name the enemy. I have to admit I rarely attend these “remembrances” anymore. I do not mean to disrespect the fallen, but I have already mourned them. Hearing platitudes and lighting candles doesn’t do it for me. It avoids the issue.

Do you “see 9:11”? Let me know your experiences.

Do you wonder if “never forget” has been forgotten?

The families of the fallen remain in my prayers. I pray for those too who suffer under oppressive ideologies, and those who follow these ideologies out of tradition, habit, or ignorance.

And I believe the best thing we can do to prevent another 9-11 is to face the issues squarely. This requires a level of patriotism that I believe Americans are not ready for. At least not yet. I truly hope we don’t have to witness another 9-11 to make us ready.

I welcome your comments. 

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Written by Patrick
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