Elections: Patrick Rooney Discusses Brainwashed Millennials and Border With Jesse Lee Peterson

I appeared on The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show to discuss Tuesday’s elections.

We dealt with two of the key reasons the Democrats took the House of Representatives—brainwashed millennials and the immigration invasion. It was a good conversation, and we even had a little fun too (I prefer laughter to tears!).


Considering the considerable losses Presidents typically take during mid-term elections, President Trump did an amazing job of keeping the losses in the House to a minimum, and in securing an even stronger hold of the Senate.

Yet, given that the Democrat Party has zero accomplishments since President Trump was elected (outside of encouraging violence and obstructing the work of a duly-elected President), I—like many Americans–was hoping for a complete repudiation of today’s Democrat Party.

But as the song that plays at President Trump’s rallies says, You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

I do believe—having digested what actually happened in the House Tuesday—that it may have been for the best, since many RINOs retired. Others who ran away from Trump instead of toward him lost their elections.

We always have to remember that God is watching out for us.

And perhaps people may have to witness for themselves just how rotten today’s Democrats are (we will see plenty of shenanigans from the Democrat-controlled House starting in January) before they’re ready to throw them out in 2020.

But re-educating (if possible) the millennials, and building the wall are paramount in this battle.

Stay tuned! 

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