“Conservative” Opposition to Ending Obamacare Makes Me Sick

A Howard Kurtz article on Fox News this morning, Why Some Conservatives Don’t Like the Ruling Against Obamacare,” is mis-titled. There should have been quote marks around the word “conservative.”

No self-respecting conservative would ever oppose a ruling striking down Obamacare, as has just happened when a federal judge in Texas ruled the law unconstitutional.

Think about it—how is it possible for a law MANDATING that you buy a product be Constitutional?

Medicine is a product. The practice of medicine is a commercial service. That’s free enterprise. If you force a doctor to practice, he or she is no longer a free individual. In some form or fashion, they are now your slave. 

To force someone to BUY that product or service is also slavery.

I thought Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery!

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial page, who incidentally is pro-slavery when it comes to promoting illegal aliens and cheap labor for big corporations, said regarding the ruling, “No one opposes ObamaCare more than we do,” but the ruling “is likely to be overturned on appeal and may boomerang politically on Republicans.”

So don’t do the right thing because some on “your team” may act out of cowardice?

ObamaCare was a “misbegotten law,” says National Review. “Yet we cannot applaud Judge Reed O’Connor’s decision. Indeed, we deplore it. It will not lead to the replacement of Obamacare, as much as we desire that outcome. It will instead give Republicans another opportunity to dodge their responsibility to advance legislation toward that end … it is very likely to be overturned on appeal because it deserves to be.”

Same reasoning… God I despise these people! They are what’s wrong with “conservatives.” Of course, they are not conservative, and the name “conservative” should be stripped from them!

These are the kind of people who refuse to get behind President Trump’s pro-America, common sense agenda. They are traitors to the cause of freedom.

I am not going to pretend to have the ultimate answer for health care, especially this thorny issue of “pre-existing conditions.”

I do know that freeing up the system will bring costs down. It’s insurance that drives the costs up. When people are playing with someone else’s money, they are not frugal!

When you go into a hospital or clinic and do not see prices clearly listed for services, you no longer have a normal business, and I’m sorry, but again, health care is a business!

If you have “pre-existing conditions,” you will necessarily need more frequent, and more costly care. Perhaps there is a role for some government here, a “safety net” as they say, to help ensure that people in this situation get necessary care. But this is no reason to force a socialistic, privacy-destroying system on the rest of us!

In the end, you either believe in freedom, or you don’t. If you do, join with me. If you don’t, join with the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal or National Review.

Of course, not all conservatives agree with them. The Federalist says the judge’s ruling is overdue because “the blunt reality that Obamacare was always at heart a bad-faith proposition. The basic operation of the law, never stated or acknowledged by its authors, was to force younger, healthier people to subsidize health insurance for older, sicker people. It was a redistribution scheme, plain and simple.”

Let Obamacare die the death it deserves, to preserve some semblance of health freedom in the U.S. Get government “the hell out of the way,” as Trump might say (on other issues), keeping its role limited, and let sound health practices and private innovation lead us back to real health freedom.

I welcome your feedback.

Patrick Rooney is the Founder of PRRooney.com (Freedom. Rediscovered…). He is also the author of GREEK PHYSIQUE: The Simple, Satisfying Way to Sculpt Your Body, Even if You’re Old, Weak, or Broken Down.  To reach Patrick, email him at info@prrooney.com

Written by Patrick
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