10 BIG LIES About Donald Trump (Video)

You’re gonna like this one.

I’ve been wanting to put it out for almost a week, but encountered some technical difficulties. The late, great (at least he used to be) Tom Petty once sung that The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

And now is as good a time as any to release my new video: 10 BIG LIES About Donald Trump.

Trump derangement syndrome is showing no signs of abating.I hope you like it. Send it to your friends by clicking on “SHARE” under the video.

Ideas are taken as truth until they’re questioned.

Here’s my list of 10 BIG LIES About Donald Trump, in countdown style:

#10: He became President to enrich himself and his family!

#9: He’s not intelligent!

#8: …But he didn’t do it on his own—daddy’s $$$. And he’s a lousy businessman!

#7: He’s not a Christian!

 #6: He’s not a conservative!

#5: He colluded with Russia!

#4: He’s too divisive, and responsible for violence!

#3: He hates Jews! 

#2: He hates blacks, and Hispanics, and Muslims 

#1: He lies! (of course this one had to make it to the top!)

I’ve include some commentary in the video as well—just enough to keep things moving.I’m sure you can think of some big lies that I missed. Let me know what they are.

Until we meet again…


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